The Whirlpool is normally a neck deep pool in normal water conditions, it has its name due to unwary cavers falling in, then being spun around in a Whirlpool effect. This whirlpool effect is created when the water that is flowing from Whirlpool Rising meets the main streamway. A fixed traverse line has been installed previously to facilitate passing this pool.

Following the heavy rainfall in February 2011, a large amount of silt has been moved from Main Rising / Whirlpool Rising and deposited at various points downstream and this has also filled the Whirlpool up so this is currently a knee deep walk.

News Flash

Speedwell Bung Ladder - replaced

The Bung Ladder in Speedwell MIne has now been repaired and replaced. The four anchors that were installed about a month ago are still there and can be used by cavers if they still wish to protect themselves on the climb.