The Whirlpool is normally a neck deep pool in normal water conditions, it has its name due to unwary cavers falling in, then being spun around in a Whirlpool effect. This whirlpool effect is created when the water that is flowing from Whirlpool Rising meets the main streamway. A fixed traverse line has been installed previously to facilitate passing this pool.

Following the heavy rainfall in February 2011, a large amount of silt has been moved from Main Rising / Whirlpool Rising and deposited at various points downstream and this has also filled the Whirlpool up so this is currently a knee deep walk.

News Flash

Covid 19 - Peak Speedwell System (Including Titan & JH)

Due to the current advice from Government and the World Health Organisation regarding Covid 19, it is to stop non-essential contact with other people and avoid all unnecessary travel; because of this advice and the temporary closure of the Chapel (TSG Hut), we have taken the decision to cancel Peak Cavern and Titan bookings until we receive advice from Government and the World Health Organisation that it is safe to meet up with people and travel. ** Peak and Titan will remain closed until May 17th at the earliest ** Please note that JH, as part of the Peak Speedwell system, will fall in line with this until the overall situation is resolved.

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