TEN Gauge Castleton   240319 crop medhe Environment Agency have installed EA water depth logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castelton. This is now live at: https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/station/9595 . The water depth is updated every 15 minutes and the datum is the crest of the weir that was installed in 1984/5 by TSG and a group from Manchester Poly. The metre ruler on the left bank of the river when looking downstream from the bridge has the same datum so the levels on the web should be the same as the levels on the ruler.. The outputs contributing to the total flow are Peak Cavern, Slop Moll, Peakshole Sough and Russet Well.

Peakshole Water Step Castleton   240319 medThe well-known ‘cavers step’ upstream of Goosehill Bridge that cavers use for checking the water levels prior to a trip into Peak Cavern has been levelled in as 0.17m on the ruler so if the EA gauge is approaching or over that depth, and the weather forecast is bad, you may wish to abort your planned trip.

For those interested in Bagshawe there is also a site on Bradwell Brook:  https://check-for-flooding.service.gov.uk/station/9475


News Flash

James Hall to Far Sump Extension Connection!

Update: 19th February 2024

The connection from the bottom of Leviathan through to Far Sump Extensions is currently impassable. Through Trips to Peak Cavern from Titan are currently not possible so if you do go down Titan, be prepared to go back up. We will not be taking bookings for through trips to Peak Cavern at the moment.

The Peak Cavern Keyholder team are currently investigating the blockage, and hopefully we will have a plan of action going forward to restore this route. Updates will appear in due course.

Note: This is also known as the old Stemple Highway Inlet Sumps 1 and 2.