The Descent - Friday 10 May 2024

The Goonies - Saturday 11 May 2024

The Princess Bride - Sunday 12 May 2024

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Simon & Oscar (Ocean Colour Scene)- Bank Holiday Sunday 26 May 2024

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The Slow Readers Club + special guest Liam Frost – Saturday 29th June 2024

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Clearwater Creedence Revival – Saturday 24th August 2024

THE BON JOVI EXPERIENCE – Friday 27th September 2024

UK FOO Fighters – Saturday 28th September 2024

News Flash

EA Peakshole Water level Logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castleton

The Environment Agency have installed EA water depth logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castelton. This is now live at: . The water depth is updated every 15 minutes and the datum is the crest of the weir that was installed in 1984/5 by TSG and a group from Manchester Poly. The metre ruler on the left bank of the river when looking downstream from the bridge has the same datum so the levels on the web should be the same as the levels on the ruler.. The outputs contributing to the total flow are Peak Cavern, Slop Moll, Peakshole Sough and Russet Well.

For those interested in Bagshawe there is also a site on Bradwell Brook: