There has been 115 m of new passage and two sumps discovered off Lumbago Walk, Peak Cavern. The downstream sump has been dived for 50 m, and is still going. The upstream sump was dived last night and this is blocked by silt after 5 m. The passage was dug open and pumped out during the current 2011 Credit Crunch Expedition. Exploration is still on-going and access is delicate; as this new passage starts in the showcave. There is also bad air near the sumps so anybody visiting needs to be aware.

Full report to follow.

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Pioneers Beneath the Peak


THE CAVES BENEATH THE PEAK DISTRICT have intrigued humankind for thousands of years. As people explored further into the caves, they would often reach a point where the roof sloped down into a pool of water and they could go no further.

This book tells the story of those who would not be stopped by the water and who, by a combination of determination, resourcefulness, technical innovation and a good measure of courage, sought to dive through those pools, to enter the unknown passages and to discover what lay beyond. This is a tale of true adventure and exploration, told by one of those involved.

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