Sunday March 22nd 1959:

Neil Moss. A twenty-year-old undergraduate became jammed while trying to pass down a narrow unexplored tunnel in Stalagmite Chamber (now Moss Chamber), Peak Cavern. Initial attempts to haul him free failed because the rope broke several times, and due to the build up of carbon dioxide from his own respiration, he lost consciousness so was unable to assist further rescue attempts with a stronger rope. He never regained consciousness and was declared dead on Tuesday morning. His father, wishing to avoid further injury or loss of life in an attempt to retrieve his body, requested that it be left in place.

Wednesday 24th July 1985:

Search for belongings of suicide victim at the top of Peak Cavern Gorge.

Saturday 18th January 1986:

A party up the wind Tunnel part of Peak Cavern were presumed to be trapped by floods but managed to get out between flood pulses.

Thursday 14th Nov 1996:

Caver fell over between near Upper Gallery junction with Treasury Passage and hit his head then wondered off further into the cave in a concussed state. Missing man was located between Surprise View and Squaws Junction; and brought to the surface.

Sunday 18th Jan 1998:

On their exit from Peak Cavern, a party of four cavers were cut off by flooding in Five Arches, between Devil’s Staircase and Victoria Aven. They sat out the flood at Treasury Chamber until the water had sufficiently dropped to allow the rescue team entry to the cave. The Cavedale Vent shaft was initially used (fan hadn't been fitted) but the rescue team soon met the raised water level near the roof of Five Arches so had to retreat. The team returned when the water levels had receded and managed to enter Five Arches and swim to dry land at Victoria Aven. The water levels eventually receded further, allowing the trapped cavers to be taken out of the cave via Five Arches, the following Monday afternoon.

Sunday 23rd May 1999:

Two overdue cavers from James Hall were met on surface after being delayed by light failure and dropped bags.

Sunday 18th January 2004:

Caver was marooned on rope when descender jammed at the Event Horizon in Titan Shaft. The man was hauled to the breakthrough window by a member of his own party then hauled to the surface by the rescue team.

Sunday 14th March 2004:

Cavers undertaking a through trip from James Hall to Peak Cavern became lost on route, taking the wrong turning and crawling all the way up the Assault Course (thinking it was Colostomy Crawl). They reached A Grand Day Out and ascended the ropes to the termination. Realising that they had gone the wrong way, they retraced their steps to James Hall and began the ascent out, using one SRT kit between them. This was because one of the party had lost his kit somewhere in the Assault Course. They were met by the rescue team in the Workshop suffering from exhaustion, so they were escorted out via Speedwell.

Saturday 4th December 2004:

Caver on a tourist trip into James Hall Mine, abseiled off the end of a rope on Bitch Pitch, falling five metres suffering a broken shoulder blade and bruised ribs. Caver was lowered down Leviathan into Speedwell and was stretchered to the surface via Speedwell.

Sunday 29th January 2006:

Party reported overdue from Peak Cavern, found on surface, due to the trip taking longer than expected.

Saturday 26th February 2006:

Party reported overdue on a Titan to Peak Cavern through trip, found on surface due to the trip taken longer than expected.

Sunday 15th October 2006:

Party reported overdue from Peak Cavern, had surfaced but hadn't informed anybody that they had.

Friday 23rd September 2007:

Sheep was marooned on cliffs above Peak Cavern gorge, and was causing rocks to drop. Rescue team attempted to reach the sheep but it ended up slipping off the ledge, falling to its death.

Saturday 1st March 2008:

Caver on Titan to Speedwell through trip became hung up at change over below the Event Horizon. Freed by companion cutting the cowstail allowing both of them to descend to bottom of Titan. Other members of the party had left to get the last boat out and the remaining cavers didn't know the route to Speedwell / Peak Cavern or had the expertise to re-climb Titan. The rescue team found them and they were escorted out via Speedwell.

Tuesday 22nd April 2008:

Five cavers overdue on a Titan to Peak Cavern through trip, they had become lost on route. After reaching Mucky Ducks, they thought it was sumped so they retraced their steps to Titan, on reaching James Hall (JH) they knew this was rigged to the surface so they exited JH, assisted by rescue team members on the final part as one of the party was exhausted.

Saturday 21st March 2009:

Party reported overdue on a Titan via White River to Peak Cavern through trip, found on exit from Peak cavern. Trip had taken longer due to route finding problems and under estimating the time it takes to do the trip.

Sunday 10th July 2011:

An experienced caver had become separated from a party on a Titan to Peak through trip. An extensive search was organised with teams traversing the main trade routes. After some hours the missing man was found safe and well in the White River series and guided back to the surface via Speedwell.

Saturday 7th September 2013:

At 22.30 on Saturday evening DCRO were called out to search for an overdue solo caver who had descended at about 11.00 to go to the bottom of Leviathan and back. On the way in she had taken a wrong turn in the Cartgate close to Bitch Pitch and had then fallen about eight metres into workings underneath the correct route. She suffered an injured foot and was unable to climb back out. Team members made contact with her at about 23.30 but due to the unstable nature of the passage they were unable without reinforcements and further equipment to reach her. She was safely hauled out of the hole about three hours later and after medical attention and packaging in a stretcher she was evacuated along the Cartgate and hauled up the entrance shaft to the surface where she arrived about 06.45 on Sunday morning. It then took until 09.30 to recover all team members and equipment out of the system.

News Flash

EA Peakshole Water level Logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castleton

The Environment Agency have installed EA water depth logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castelton. This is now live at: . The water depth is updated every 15 minutes and the datum is the crest of the weir that was installed in 1984/5 by TSG and a group from Manchester Poly. The metre ruler on the left bank of the river when looking downstream from the bridge has the same datum so the levels on the web should be the same as the levels on the ruler.. The outputs contributing to the total flow are Peak Cavern, Slop Moll, Peakshole Sough and Russet Well.

Read more: EA Peakshole Water level Logger at Goosehill Bridge, Castleton