In November 2008, after a big flood, part of the wallows was filled with silt (fine sand) so instead of it being a wet stoop, it was crawl over the silt. The movement of sediment is a natural occurrence from Treasury Sump, down Upper Gallery, through Mucky Ducks, The Wallows, Five Arches and eventually out through the resurgence. This occurs during flood conditions when the water from Speedwell overflows into Peak.

Well, after the flood at the start of February 2011, Treasury Sump flowed resulting in the silt been scoured out once again, so this is now wet stoop again. This silt has been deposited in 1947 Chamber and in Five Arches. Subsequently following this flood, Treasury Sump is wide open again for divers.

News Flash

Speedwell Bung Ladder - replaced

The Bung Ladder in Speedwell MIne has now been repaired and replaced. The four anchors that were installed about a month ago are still there and can be used by cavers if they still wish to protect themselves on the climb.