Far Sump Inlet Sump:

A low arch provides access to 46 m of low tube to a junction.  The right tube is low and small; this extends for 9 m before it becomes too small.  The left tube is low and restricted in places to reach a solid choke after 6 m.

Cordingley, John. 2010. Left Hand Branch, Far Sump, Peak cavern. Technical Speleological Group Journal 18. Page 36 - 38.
CDG Newsletter no 175, Apr 2010. Page 7

Titan Streamway Sump:

At the end of Wetsville passage is a low wide sump which has never been dived, probably too tight. This almost certainly connects quickly to where the water sinks further up by the Titan Streamways Boulder Choke.

Frozen in Time Sump:

In the 2009 streamway exensions, at the end of Frozen in Time passage, the water emerges from under a large stalagmite boss. Far too tight to dive.

Minor Sump:

A low sump at the end of a wet muddy crawl, that is too tight to enter so, has never been dived.

The Rasp Downstream Sump:

The short sump was passed in drought to 15 m of crawling passage to a small chamber, with three ways leading off but all too small for future exploration. THIS SUMP CANNOT BE DIVED.

Descent no 192, Oct/Nov 2006. Page 11.

Jeff Wade pumping Sump2 - By Rob EavisThe Rasp Upstream Sumps:

Sump 1 is 2 m long, this was passed after being pumped and siphoned to a short canal before sump 2.  Sump 2 was also pumped, found to be approx 5 m long, a squeeze into a rift, for 10 m into a pool prior to sump 3.  Sump 3 is approx 20 m long, passed by a mixture of siphoning and pumping to a mud slope, a 5 m flat out crawl to sump 4. Sump 4 was pumped to reveal to reveal 5 m of low passage that becomes too low and restricted to push any further. THESE SUMPS CAN NOT BE DIVED DUE TO THE RESTRICTED NATURE OF THE PASSAGES.

Descent 181, Dec/Jan 2004/05. Page 11.
Descent no 192, Oct/Nov 2006. Page 11.


Dan Arkle at Major Sump - by Tim WebberMajor Sump:

A very large underwater chamber is entered, the way on downwards is about 7.5 m deep and is totally filled with silt.










Stemple Highway Inlet Sump 1:

This a former sump, used to be approx 5 m long.  This is now part of the dry connection with James Hall.

Stemple Highway Inlet Sump 2:

This is a former sump, used to extend for 5 m and 2 m depth end blocked by silt.  This is now part of the dry connection with James Hall.

Hypercapnia Sump:

A mud tube approx 8 m high at the south-east end of Salmon's Cavern.  At the end of a 12m long but very small crawl, a sump is too small to enter.  This is only a few meters away from a similar passage off White Feather Aven in Far Sump.

Cordingley, John. 2010. White Feather Aven, Far Sump, Peak cavern. Technical Speleological Group Journal 18. Page 33 - 35.

Donatella's Mud Sump - By Rob EavisDonatella's Mud Sump:

A 4 m long sump was passed after siphoning (and some digging) to the Donatella's Aven Extensions, approx 100 m of passage.

Descent no 202, June/July 2006. Page 8-9.


Donatella's Extension Sump - By Rob EavisDonatella’s Extension Sump:

At the end of the Donatella's Aven extension at the base of a large chamber is a sump pool.  A squeeze through boulders into a small chamber.  A body sized tube leads down for approx 8 m until the passage levels off.  The visibility isn't that great.

Lister, Jim. 2010. The Donatella’s Aven Extensions, Peak cavern. Technical Speleological Group Journal 18. Page 39 - 41.





Splinter Sump - By Rob Eavis

News Flash

Speedwell Bung Ladder - replaced

The Bung Ladder in Speedwell MIne has now been repaired and replaced. The four anchors that were installed about a month ago are still there and can be used by cavers if they still wish to protect themselves on the climb.