The Peak Speedwell System is made up of an extensive mixture of passages,, both mined and natural, approx 18 km of surveyed passages incluidng the highest underground pitch in the UK which is 145 metres high. The four usable entrances to the system are:

Peak Cavern:

Gorge and Peak Cavern Showcave

Devil's Staircase to Surprise View

Victoria Aven Series

Treasury and Links to Speedwell Mine

Main Streamway - lower

Main Streamway - upper

Main Stream Inlet

Lake Passage

Speedwell Mine

Speedwell - Canal Level

Halfway House Series

Lower Bung Series

Upstream Speedwell

Assualt Course

Pilkingtons Cavern

Whirlpool Passage

Far Sump Extensions

Stemple Highway

Lower Level Passages

High Level Passages

Titan Shaft

James Hall Over Engine Mine

White River Series


The Kingdom

Nameless Series


News Flash

Covid 19 - Peak Speedwell System (Including Titan & JH)

Due to the current advice from Government and the World Health Organisation regarding Covid 19, it is to stop non-essential contact with other people and avoid all unnecessary travel; because of this advice and the temporary closure of the Chapel (TSG Hut), we have taken the decision to cancel Peak Cavern and Titan bookings until we receive advice from Government and the World Health Organisation that it is safe to meet up with people and travel. ** Peak and Titan will re-open on May the 17th ** Please note that JH, as part of the Peak Speedwell system, will fall in line with this until the overall situation is resolved.

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