Western Highway is located in the high level passages of Far Sump Extensions, approaching from Fingernail Chamber, a short pitch up leads into a 3 m wide passage, this passage passes below the Vortex 2 pitch, then it rises for a short distance before it starts to descend steeply for 100 m, then it starts to ascend for a further 10 m to the current dig face. The location of the current dig face is approximately 35 m below the end of Joint Effort, Speedwell Mine. 

The current dig face suffers from bad air so beware if you should visit. Mechanical fans have been installed to supply the dig face with fresh air during the digging sessions. Digging still takes place occasionally, contact Henry Rockliff for more infomation on the dig.



News Flash

Speedwell Bung Ladder

The Bung Ladder in Speedwell MIne was found to be damaged so due to the the Bung Ladder has been removed but it will return once fixed. Four anchors have been installed that cavers can use. Cavers heading down the Bung can rig an abseil rope but trips 'up-hill' will not be able to climb the Bung. A fixed line may appear here but Derbyshire Caving Association (DCA) reminds cavers that ropes fixed to any DCA anchor are NOT the responsibility of the DCA and their use is at your own risk.