Transition Tube is located at the end of Cliff Passage, Speedwell Mine. At the very end, a bouldery slope rises upwards to the left, that eventually reach the base of Cliff Cavern.  The tube can be entered either from the very end of Cliff Passage or from a platform part way up the bouldery slope, both passages eventually meet and the tube continues.

The tube has been dug actively for the last few years, a substantial amount of spoil as been removed to make the passage bigger, rather than rabbit holing. Some bones have been found in the passage that are being dated. There is evidence that in wet weather a substantial stream enters from here so its a promising lead and actively being pushed.

For more information on the dig or to get involved, contact Dave (Moose) Nixon.

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Pioneers Beneath the Peak


THE CAVES BENEATH THE PEAK DISTRICT have intrigued humankind for thousands of years. As people explored further into the caves, they would often reach a point where the roof sloped down into a pool of water and they could go no further.

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