The Peak Speedwell System is located in the village of Castleton, made up of Peak Cavern, Speedwell Mine, James Hall Over Engine Mine and Titan Shaft. The system contains about 18km of cave passage, one of the deepest underground cave dives in the UK, down to a depth of 74 metres; the highest underground pitch in the UK which is 145 metres high, it has six known entrances but only four are usable.

Updated - 19/10/2020
Covid 19 - Peak Speedwell System (Including Titan & James Hall)
Trips into Peak Cavern via the show cave are now allowed, but only at weekends and numbers are restricted. Access to the TSG Chapel is currently restricted to members of TSG or CDG because of covid-19, so cavers who are not members of either of these groups will need to make other arrangements for changing if they wish to access Peak Speedwell via the Peak Cavern Showcave. Please note that changing in public in the streets or car parks of Castleton has never been allowed, and any cavers doing this risk losing future access to this system for all.
As previously reported, access is allowed through the upper entrances of James Hall Over Engine Mine (JH) and Titan, but cavers doing so will need to exit via either JH or Titan as through trips exiting via Peak Cavern show cave are not currently permitted. Access via the Speedwell Canal is not currently allowed. Full details of access via Peak Cavern show cave can be found in the appropriate section.

News Flash

Covid 19 - Peak Speedwell System (Including Titan & JH)

Due to the current advice from Government and the World Health Organisation regarding Covid 19, it is to stop non-essential contact with other people and avoid all unnecessary travel; because of this advice and the temporary closure of the Chapel (TSG Hut), we have taken the decision to cancel Peak Cavern and Titan bookings until we receive advice from Government and the World Health Organisation that it is safe to meet up with people and travel. Please note that JH, as part of the Peak Speedwell system, will fall in line with this until the overall situation is resolved.

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